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KAMPiNA 11대 회장 선거 (온라인 찬/반 투표, 단독 후보)

KAMPiNA 회원 여러분께,

안녕하세요? 우리 KAMPiNA의 차기 11대 회장 (2024'-2025') 을 선출하기 위해 지난번 이메일 공지를 발송해드렸습니다. 이번 회장선거에서 여러 후보자를 놓고 경쟁하기 보다는, 여러 논의 끝에 정재원 박사님을 단독 후보로 모시고 찬/반 투표로 진행하려합니다. 온라인 투표를 위해서, 간략한 정재원 박사님 자기소개서와 프로필 사진을 아래에 첨부하였습니다.

Dr. Jae Won Jung is an Associate Professor at East Carolina University. Dr. Jung received his PhD in Physics, Texas A&M University. His research focus is in the field of inventions in medical and health physics. His group uses various techniques and skills including Monte Carlo simulation, advanced imaging and dosimetry, and radiation risk analysis to understand how radiation affects humans. His projects involve 4-D dose reconstruction during radiotherapy, secondary cancer risk assessment after radiation treatment, heart structure modeling, tumor tracking in Cyberknife, and microsphere brachytherapy. There are mainly graduate-level projects in the lab and numerous students have presented their research with Dr. Jung in local meetings, international conferences, or peer-reviewed journals. In addition, Dr. Jung teaches General Physics, Health Physics, Nuclear Medicine Physics, Therapeutic Radiological Physics, Radiation Instrumentation, and Special Problems in Radiation Dosimetry and Modeling. Dr. Jung served as a KAMPiNA board member in 2014-2015.

아래 링크를 통해 온라인 찬/반 투표를 6/30 (금)까지 부탁드립니다:



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